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At GGA we offer expert advice in all air separation technologies for on-site Nitrogen and Oxygen production. We focus on working with our customers to provide the right whole-of-life business solutions, and specialise in providing tailored technical advice throughout your entire project. We also ensure your solution is future proofed through the use of our scalable units. As your needs expand so does your system.

After assessing your project and analysing the required volumes, your needs and budget, we create a custom solution for your plant and equipment. If you have a need for high-quality Oxygen or Nitrogen Generation, contact us to see how we can apply this tech to your business.

Gas Generation Australia Case Study:

Pneumatic Engineering Solution

Rio Tinto laboratories use Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) testing stations to test the ore sample. The difference in weight between the original sample and the remaining material gives the percentage purity of the mineral. Nitrogen is used to control the ‘burning’ of the sample to ensure an accurate record is achieved.

As ore pricing is determined by the percentage of mineral in each metric tonne shipped, it is vital that the sampling is accurate to achieve best prices for the miner.

Gas Generation Australia worked with the Pneumatic Engineering and Rio Tinto to install a dynamic autonomous nitrogen solution. Nitrogen is essential for the profitability of these companies and is developing for use in other areas. Rio Tinto is now expanding its use of Nitrogen in other areas of mining and production.

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