How we work

Gas Generation Australia is committed to providing innovative, highest quality and optimally economical service and tech solutions to our customers nationwide. Our teams are passionate in supporting our customers and our partners with targeted and accurate engineering solutions.

Choosing a Gas Generation Australia solution will:
  • Increase general on-site plant safety
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Remove logistical constraints and supply chain failure.

Solutions Design Process

Using our 'Discover > Define > Design > Develop and Deliver' model, our service goal is to take a cradle-to-grave approach to your product. We will successfully install your system to deliver your product, provide support with servicing and assist with after-sales and if in the future it is required - upscaling to meet new demands. We can also conduct audits of your Nitrogen and Oxygen consumption so you can quantify your production usage.

Discover what we are working with

By performing a full system audit we will not only identify your gas needs but also any other issues that may be causing inefficiencies such as compressed air or other system leaks.

Define what your specific needs are

By understanding your volume and purity requirements we can ensure you will have the best solution.  
From bottled gas to producing it yourself, we will go through the pros and cons of the various gas generation solutions there are.

But we do not stop there – we work with you on your complete system requirements to make sure you have the best end- to-end solution.

Design the right solution for you

We offer a range of technologies for on-site gas production technologies to match individual requirements processes.

Throughout the project we give technical advice and identify the correct gas supply solution to suit your production process and apply a custom design if required.

Our technical staff are trained according to all autonomous gas generation specifications and undertake the recommended training sessions and videos.

Develop partnerships with local distributors/certified partners

After selecting your specific system module, Gas Generation Australia works to ensure that your investment is supported by our certified partners. They provide prompt on-call service throughout Australia, for both preventative and repair maintenance.

In line with Australian Law we work with you and our certified partners, to make certain that all gas generator equipment is fully compliant, has the required registrations and is regularly inspected.

In addition, all certified partners receive high-end professional training in all aspects of the equipment we provide.

Deliver the product and support with servicing and after sales

For optimal quality and safety our qualified technicians are available 24hr on-call, and can provide telephone and on-site support without delay, and protect your production process from interruption.

Gas Generation Australia is proud to partner with a range of certified partners all over Australia that enable us to supply our nitrogen and oxygen generators with their top of the line equipment.

Certified Partners

Gas Generation Australia is proud to partner with a range of industry experts all over Australia that enable us to supply our nitrogen and oxygen generators with their top-of-the-line equipment.

Gas Generation Australia has selected certified partners who are the best service providers in Australia.

Become a Certified Partner

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