Food and Beverage

Commercial food producers use Nitrogen gas in preserving processes, and must adhere to recognised industry standards in long-term food preservation techniques. That means Nitrogen is essential in preserving freshness, nutrients and protects against aerobic microbial growth.

Nitrogen and Oxygen are used in the food and beverage industry to preserve product quality and extend shelf life. Nitrogen is specifically used to prevent the growth of microorganisms responsible for food spoilage.

Some foods are vulnerable to microbial growth including ready-to-eat products, vegetables, meat and fish.  Nitrogen modifies the interior packaging so that any edible item is safe to consume, and maintains a quality standard.

In food packing specialisation Nitrogen gas is the leading solution, it maintains food integrity and contributes to an extended shelf life resulting in higher stock volumes. Oxygen is the cause of food deterioration, and Nitrogen driven packaging is the preferred way to keep profits consistent in food production.

Food and beverage applications include:

  • Inertion using Nitrogen
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Controlled atmosphere storage
  • Cereal fumigation
  • Barbotage/sparging food oils, foods and beverages
  • Aerosol propellant
  • Degassing
  • Winemaking
  • Coffee packaging
  • Insects and larvae reduction
  • Controlled atmosphere fruit storage

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Food and Beverage


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