Oxygen Generation

Gas Generation Australia has at hand a superior and wide range of Nitrogen production solutions for autonomous on-site gas flow along with the assurance of top service support from our technicians. Technologies for onsite nitrogen production include:

  • Modular PSA Generators
  • Twin Tower PSA Generators
  • V-PSA Generators
  • Membrane Generators

OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generator

Modular System

Gas Generation Australia provides industrials with a variety of options for a safe, flexible and autonomous Oxygen supply, and partners with Novair to bring OXYSWING® into the Australian market. The Oxyswing® modular generators implement a unique Pressure Swing Adsorption technology or PSA. Unlike twin-tower standard systems, Oxyswing® generators feature multiple modules of molecular sieve that provide an efficient, flexible, and reliable gas source. The system permits unlimited flexibility, and production capacity can be easily adjusted directly on-site by simple module additions. Fleet management is easily maintained as all models feature the same replaceable components and offer compact dimensions.

FeaturesTechnical SpecificationsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Oxygen up to 95% purity
  • Flexible capacity
  • Can feature up to max. six (06) modules 3 Master Dual Bank
  • Non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, for all process components.

To achieve larger capacity, Oxyswing® generators can be complemented by a Dual Bank, which comprises a second PSA Oxygen generator without any PLC and power supply. The Dual Bank receives power and control signals through a single cable connection using the master/slave principle. For maximum supply advantage, a single Oxyswing® PSA Oxygen generator can control up to three Dual Banks in parallel.

Technical Specifications
  • Purity: up to 95%
  • Flow: from 2.5 to 44.4 Nm3/h
  • Inlet pressure: 7 bar
  • Oxygen Outputs: from 2.5 to 44.4 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: up to 95% Oxygen purity
  • Oxygen pressure: 6 bar(g) / 87 PSIG”
Industry Applications
  • Glass Industry
  • Fish farming
  • Water treatment
  • Veterinary / Healthcare
  • Metal Industry
  • Vinification

OXYPURE - PSA Twin Tower Oxygen Generators

Twin Tower System

Gas Generation Australia supplies the Novair OXYPURE system, an on-site production solution based on the PSA process with advanced technology. Oxypure is the most efficient and economical solution to acquire an unlimited supply of Oxygen safely and continuously, meeting the most demanding industrial specifications.

FeaturesTechnical SpecificationsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Turnkey solution
  • Fully automatic process
  • High purity gas outlet stability
  • Very competitive production costs
  • Evolving concept with one or more interconnected production lines
  • Integrated controller system with high-definition colour touch screen
  • Ergonomic design for simple and economical maintenance
  • Durable performance under reliable, tested and controlled components
  • Low consumption - high efficiency molecular sieve
  • Robust skid construction
  • Multi-Twin-Tower Concept
  • Available in multi twin tower concept for larger plants
Technical Specifications
  • Purity: From 90 to 99.5% (DS-PSA models)
  • Flow: From 2.6 to 90Nm3/h
  • Inlet pressure: From 7.5 to 10 bar
  • Oxygen Outputs: From 60 to 200 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: From 90 to 95% Oxygen purity
  • Oxygen pressure: 6 bar(g) / 87 PSIG”
Industry Applications
  • Fish farming
  • Glass Industry
  • Healthcare / Veterinary
  • Metal Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Vinification

OXYPURE - DS-PSA Generator (ultra-high)

DS-PSA System

OXYPURE DS-PSA retains a unique and patented technology that supplies ultra-high Oxygen on-site. The process is based on a two-stage molecular separation where the DS-PSA removes Nitrogen, Argon and traces of pollutants after the first stage. Suitable for all industrial applications which require high purity Oxygen supply with an exceptional stability (+/-0.2%). The system adjusts the outlet pressure when required flow increases without affecting the concentration.

FeaturesTechnical SpecificationsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Ultra-stable concentration ±0.2%
  • High definition 15’’ touch screen 5’’
  • Tempered glass and steel cabinet
  • Lateral process control panel including innovative calibration system
  • Oxygen up to 99.5%
  • Adjustable purity on-site

Ultimate performance in:

  • Automatic mode with self-adjustment of production parameters depending on the facility consumption
  • Energy saving working mode
  • Adjustable concentration on-site by end-user
  • Advanced control panel Visio HD
Technical Specifications
  • Purity: From 96 to 99.5%
  • Flow: From 2.6 to 90Nm3/h
  • Inlet pressure: From 7.5 to 10 bar
  • Oxygen Outputs: 4.5 to 45 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: From 96 to 99.5% Oxygen purity
  • Oxygen pressure: 6 or 10 bar(g) / 87 or 145 PSIG
Industry Applications
  • Laser cutting
  • Brazing
  • Welding

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