Nitrogen Generation

Gas Generation Australia has at hand a superior and wide range of nitrogen generator solutions for autonomous on-site gas flow, along with the assurance of top service support from our technicians. Technologies for onsite nitrogen gas generation include:

  • Modular PSA Generators
  • Twin Tower PSA Generators
  • V-PSA Generators
  • Membrane Generators

NITROSWING® Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator

Modular System

The NITROSWING® performance is an efficient, flexible nitrogen generator and sets the highest industry standards. Each NITROSWING® Modular PSA nitrogen generator can easily upgrade its capacity by adding cylinder modules or Dual Banks. On-site production guarantees reliable supply continuity and meets the most demanding engineering standards.

View the product brochure for a full list of specifications and features.

FeaturesExtended FeaturesBenefitsTechnical SpecificationsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Non-corrosive aluminium and stainless-steel components
  • Large and optimized HMI and 7" Colour touch screen
  • Extended data connection capacity
  • Fast reaction time
  • Ergonomic design
  • Connections for control up to 3 dual banks

To achieve larger capacity, Nitroswing® generators can be complemented by a Dual Bank, which comprises a second PSA Nitrogen generator without any PLC and power supply. The Dual Bank receives power and control signals through a single cable connection using the master/slave principle. For maximum supply advantage, a single Nitroswing® PSA Nitrogen generator can control up to three Dual Banks in parallel.

Extended Features

  • Digital output signals
  • Digital input signals
  • Profinet industrial Ethernet interface
  • Optional features
  • Analogue OUTPUT SIGNALS max 8
  • ModbusRTU or ProfibusDP
  • Patented PSA process
  • High efficiency
  • Compact and flexible
  • Unprecedented energy efficiency
  • High purity stability
  • Instant optimal working conditions
  • Easy instruments upgrade

Technical Specifications


  • Nitrogen Output Flow: from 5 to 150 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: from 3 vol.% to 5ppm nitrogen residual
  • Nitrogen Outlet Pressure: from 6 to 11 bar(g)/101 to 159 psig
  • Inlet Pressure: from 7 to 13 bar
  • Up to 8 cylinder modules

Dual Banks

  • Systems can grow to include a further 3 Dual Banks (up to an additional 24 cyclinder modules)
  • Nitrgoen Output Flow: increase flow up to 520 Nm3/h

Industry Applications
  • Metal Industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Vinification
  • Laboratories
  • Electronic

NITROPLUS TT PSA Nitrogen Generator

Twin Tower System

NITROPLUS is a higher volume efficient nitrogen generator that meets the needs of industries that wish to achieve autonomous nitrogen gas supply and reduce operating costs. This on-site production system is based on PSA, a stable separation of air gases using a specific molecular sieve that absorbs nitrogen under pressure. Nitrogen purity can be up to 99.999% and the NITROPLUS system will maintain exceptional stability.

View the product brochure for a full list of specifications and features.

FeaturesTechnical SpecificationsOperating ConditionsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Turnkey solution
  • Fully automatic process
  • High purity gas outlet stability
  • Integrated control and monitoring system with high-definition colour touch screen
  • Remote monitoring and alarms
  • Reliable performance with durable and tested components
  • Very competitive production costs
  • Design for simple and economical maintenance
  • Low consumption – high efficiency molecular sieve
  • Robust skid construction
  • Available in multi twin tower concept for larger plants
Technical Specifications

Single NITROPLUS (Master):

  • Gas Purity: from 95 to 99.999%, residual O2 from 10ppm to 5%
  • Nitrogen Output Flow: from 2 to 641 Nm3/h
  • Nitrogen Outlet Pressure: from 6.2 to 11.2 bar(g)
  • Inlet Pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar(g)

Master plus Slave:

  • Nitrogen Output flow: from 150 to 1.700 Nm3/h
Operating Conditions

Ambient Temp:

  • Standard - up to 45℃
  • Upgrade -  up to 50℃


  • Standard </=1000m
  • Upgrade >2000

Power Supply: 240-110V / 50-60HZ

Industry Applications
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Electronic
  • Healthcare


Membrane System

NITROMEM offers a reliable and fully automatic nitrogen supply with the smallest space requirements suitable for lower purity applications. NITROMEM nitrogen generator systems are particularly suited to harsher environments.

For the marine industry, Novair delivers a reliable and fully automatic supply of nitrogen using a marine version of the NITROMEM membrane generator.

  • Continuous process
  • Guaranteed stable nitrogen purity
  • Ultra-fast reaction time
  • LLOYDS REGISTER approved

View the product brochure for a full list of specifications and features.

FeaturesModular FlexibilityTechnical SpecificationsContact
  • Extremely compact, reduced  footprint -  all  tie-in  connections  on  one  side, easy to install and maintain. Ideal for marine / naval or offshore installations. There are no other membrane nitrogen systems on the market with such limited space requirements.
  • High reliability, first-class  components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies, heavy-duty PLC.
Modular Flexibility
  • Easy system adjustment - only two cabinet sizes for the entire NITROMEM product line, which allows a future capacity increase for all models (except for the NM-36 and NM-72). In the event where your nitrogen supply conditions change, simply adjust your NITROMEM configuration by varying the number of membrane modules - just by yourself, no other modifications to the generator required.
  • Easy fleet management - Identical components for the entire model range = limited spare part management, easy maintenance.
Technical Specifications

Modular Systems:

  • Nitrogen Output FLow: 0.5 to 350 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: from 5,0 to 0,5 vol.%  O2 residual
  • Nitrogen Outlet Pressure: from 6 to 11 bar(g) / 87 to 159 psig

Specified Builds:

  • Nitrogen Output Flow: Up to 6.000 Nm3/h
  • Gas Purity: from 5,0 to 0,1 vol.%  O2 residual
  • Nitrogen Outlet Pressure: from 6 to 22 bar(g) / 87 to 320 psig

MODULN2 - Compact Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Membrane System

ModulN2 is a compact nitrogen generator ensuring an on-site production of up to 3.8 m³/h nitrogen, with a purity ranging from 1 to 0.35% residual oxygen content. Based on membrane technology, this generator is a perfect alternative for industries looking for a safe, economical, convenient and reliable nitrogen supply.

View the product brochure for a full list of specifications and features.

FeaturesTechnical SpecificationsIndustry ApplicationsContact
  • Oxygen purity residual from 1 to 0.35%
  • Low operating pressures, no hazardous storage
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy to install and maintain

Technical Specifications
  • Flow: from 0.5 to 3.8 m³/h
  • Gas Purity: oxygen residual from 1 to 0.35%
  • Outlet Pressure: 8.6 bar(g)
  • Inlet Pressure: 7 bar(g)

Industry Applications
  • Chemical blanketing
  • Flammable liquids inerting
  • Dust explosion prevention
  • Food & beverage inerting
  • Metal 3D printing

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