Metal Industry

Compact modules provide a reliable and safe solution in autonomous gas generation for the metallurgy sector. Laser cutting in particular requires an operating supply of Nitrogen to drive CO2 fibre lasers. Gas Generation Australia offers the Novair NITROSWING® LASERPACK integrated on-site solution for laser cutting along with associated service provisions for effective outcomes.

Nitrogen Applications and cutting with Laser or Plasma

Nitrogen is used as a high-pressure gas assist for laser cutting and removes oxygen from the cutting zone. This leads to an improved cut quality, eliminates oxidation and prevents discoloration resulting in improved paint adhesion and weld strength. It is also required in Beam Path Purge and Optics Head Purge applications. Nitrogen is often used for higher current plasma systems and for cutting materials up to 3 inches thick. It produces excellent quality cuts on most materials.

Other advantages of Nitrogen use in Laser Cutting include:

  • Inert, dry, non-flammable gas used to remove oxygen prevents oxidation and scaling
  • Protects laser optics, mirrors, and lenses
  • Removes particulate from beam path reducing laser distortion

Onsite Nitrogen Generation Solutions for the

Metal Industry


Our nitrogen generators offer a cost-efficient and reliable gas supply that's tailored to your exact needs, and can scale when you grow. Check out our onsite nitrogen generation solutions here:

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