Gas Generation Australia can supply modules to provide on-site gas production for laboratories. These designs can include stainless steel pipe networks for specialised gases. We also consult according to particular laboratory requirements which covers:

  • Processes and needs
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen production, air and vacuum
  • Team and process protection
  • Gas securement eg., fuels, toxic explosives
  • Adapting gas easement

Autonomous generators also provide a continuous supply of Oxygen produced on-site in healthcare applications. These CE marked devices comply with ISO 10083 and ISO 7396-1 and all the quality requirements of the European and United States Pharmacopoeia. They are suitable for the following applications:

  • Healthcare facilities, piped network in clinics and veterinaries
  • Intensive care unit ventilators
  • Oxygen therapy patients
  • Operating theatre anaesthesia machines
  • High-pressure filling systems

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