Oil and Gas

Nitrogen gas use is ideal in oil applications such as oil and gas platforms, enhanced oil recovery, refineries, oil and gas extractions and fracking. It effectively slows or prevents sprinkler pipe corrosion, product deterioration and contamination. On-site Nitrogen production solution efficiently serves safety requirements for the oil and gas industry. It effectively controls the possibility of gas or steam explosion by displacing oxygen with inert Nitrogen. A continuous and uninterrupted gas flow supports application in:

  • APV (Air Pressure Vessel) for floating offshore platforms
  • BOP locking systems (Blowout Preventer)
  • [Dry bulk transfer
  • EOR (Improved oil recovery)
  • Fracturing
  • Lift compensation for lifting and drilling operations at sea
  • Purge / scrape pipeline or purge dashboards
  • UBD (underbalanced drilling) / CPD (controlled pressure drilling)
  • Moisture removal during pressurization when inerting storage tanks


Biogas or H2S gas is highly toxic, dangerous and destructive. The main component, hydrogen sulfide has harmful effects on humans, the environment and building materials.

Gas generation systems use pure Oxygen to remove hydrogen sulphide residue from Biogas, proving to be a simple, effective and economical process.

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Oil and Gas


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