The most prolific gas used in fish farming is Oxygen, which sustains the fish lifespan through the growth phase and supports food supply. A stable level of tank Oxygen increases fish metabolism, and in turn increases the conversion of food into fish mass. When the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) is reduced, the cost of feeding is lowered per kilogram of fish. A Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is the essential component in this process and Oxygen is used continuously to sterilise the water. High doses of Oxygen are needed just before the fish are harvested, to ensure that the fish are not stressed due to overcrowding, giving a better end product. Once the fish have been processed, other gases are used for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This is a mixture of Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide, injected and sealed inside the trays - often seen on the shelf at your local supermarket. Carbon dioxide inhibits bacterial growth and increases shelf life for the end product. Nitrogen displaces the oxygen and maintains the package integrity. Liquid nitrogen is used to snap freeze the fish products by sending it through a freezing tunnel, which achieves a better-quality product when thawed. In almost every stage of fish production in aquaculture systems, there is potential to use an industrial gas of some type - whether it is Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon or CO2. We have the engineering technology to support this growing market, and our gas generation modules can be adapted to specific needs in aquaculture.

We supply suitable on-site gas production solutions essential to:

  • Encourage cultured organism growth
  • Support the volume rearing unit
  • Drive the rearing unit water turnover
  • Maintain water temperature
  • Stabilise water salinity
  • Ensure Oxygen purity

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