PSA Technology

Gas Generation Australia specialises in the design and development of gas production systems. Our PSA oxygen and nitrogen generators include patented innovations, dedicated to optimising the air separation process and ensuring gases reach the highest and most stable purity level on the market.

PSA generators are a linear flow process where a minimum of two pressurised chambers are packed with molecular sieves. These sieves are fitted to absorb gas molecules from the compressed air that passes through them. While one chamber is absorbing, the other chamber is depressurising, allowing the onward flow of the required output gas and the release of the unwanted gases. This process ensures that the two chambers alternate between adsorption and depressurisation to produce a continuous flow of the target gas such as nitrogen with a purity up to 99.9995% or oxygen with a purity up to 99.5%.

Key Benefits of PSA Systems

Primary benefits of PSA generator systems include:


  • Optimum target gas (oxygen and nitrogen) purity levels
  • Efficiently rugged and reliable nitrogen generation supply
  • Low maintenance cost with a clean and dry compressed air feed
  • High degree of production stability due to an extensive and autonomous supply of nitrogen gas
  • Reduced HS&E risks


All our PSA generators feature a customised protection system that monitors and stops the oxygen/nitrogen production process when unwanted residual by-products are detected. This occurs before the molecular sieve can be damaged by any oil/water mixture emerging as a by-product from the air compressor.

PSA Technology Variants

DS-PSA Oxygen Generators

The DS-PSA technology featured in our oxygen generators is the result of several years of research and development by our professional engineering teams.

Through this investment, the DS-PSA technology takes our PSA generators to the next level of purity. Based on a double stage PSA process with two molecular separation stages, DS-PSA removes nitrogen, argon and any trace of pollutants that remain after the first stage. This technique produces an oxygen concentration that is 99.5% pure and maintains exceptional stability.


DS-PSA can also be applied to increase the nitrogen concentration.

For example, in laboratory nitrogen generators, nitrogen gas is produced in two steps:
  • In the first step, the compressed air is passed through a carbon molecular sieve to produce nitrogen at a purity of approximately 98%.
  • In the second step the nitrogen is forced through a second carbon molecular sieve and the nitrogen gas reaches a final purity up to 99.999%. The purged gas from the second step is recycled and partially used as feed gas in the first step.

V-PSA Oxygen Generators

V-PSA generators extract the available oxygen in ambient air from other gases by applying Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (V-PSA) technology. For industries that need particularly high flows, as in glasswork or fish farming, Gas Generation Australia has introduced a new range of V-PSA solutions. By implementing V-PSA technology, these generators can deliver up to 320 Nm3/h, which deliver exceedly low operation costs.


Our V-PSA oxygen generators differ from other PSA techniques because it operates at near-ambient temperatures and pressures.

  • VPSA systems are among the most efficient systems measured on industry standards - such as gas recovery metrics (product gas out/product gas in) and productivity (product gas out/mass of sieve material).
  • Higher recovery requires a smaller compressor, blower, or other compressed gas or vacuum source and therefore a lower power consumption.
  • Higher productivity leads to smaller sieve beds. 
  • Measurable and cost-effective delivery of required gas volume, initial system setup, maintenance costs and power consumption.
  • Delivering a reliable and stable supply of oxygen and gas to production systems.

PSA Featured Solutions

Our PSA generators are scalable and tailored to meet your nitrogen or oxygen requirements. Increasing your efficiency and maximising your productivity. Check out products here:

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